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Worship Assistant Training – April 28th

Ready to brush up a few worship leading skills? We are inviting all those who volunteer as a worship assistant to a Worship Assistant “Reboot” Day. During the training we will again go over duties and responsibilities of various worship assistant roles and provide a larger framework for how all these roles function together to bring our worship to life each Sunday.

This is also a great opportunity if you are thinking about becoming a worship assistant to join us as we go over a bunch of various worship roles you could discover where you might like to serve.

Also we will be covering some new ground at this training and going over the basics, so it’s a good time to refresh and remember what it is that we are to do on Sunday morning.

The worship assistant roles that we are calling together for this are: Readers, Communion Assistants, Ushers, Altar Guild, Assisting Ministers, and Acolytes.

We plan to gather at 10am at the church, spend about 90 minutes in training and conversation, then venture out in town for brunch together at 11:30. All are welcome for any or all of it as we spend the day learning about serving the Lord through worship.


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