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Vacation Bible School: “On Earth As in Heaven”

@stmarksconshy’s VBS program for families at home in 2020


The theme of this year’s VBS program comes from the Lord’s Prayer, and each of the five days of learning focuses on a different petition from the prayer and a related Bible verse. In Martin Luther’s Large Catechism he reminds us that prayer is something that is “great and precious.” To pray is to give voice to our needs and our trust in God, who meets them.

Prayer, is also much more than this. In thanksgiving prayer gives voice to the things that bring us together. In lament, prayer gives voice to the things that rend us apart. Theologian Karl Barth is believed to have to have said, “to clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an turning around against the disorder of the world.” To pray is to lay bare the pain of the world and to trust God to transform it – and to strengthen us to be part of this transformation.

“On Earth As in Heaven” invites children and adults to (re-) experience the Lord’s Prayer and to see the connections between prayer and service in the world. As the church prays and plays together, we also serve together and walk together toward a just world where all are fed. The stories for each day lift up churches and communities around the world who are prayerfully and powerfully doing their part in this work, while celebrating the diversity with which God has gifted the world.

The stories each night represent ministries supported by the ELCA World Hunger. The areas of work they represent align with the five of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: zero hunger, good health, gender equality, quality education, and peace and justice. As a member church of the Lutheran World Federation, we are committed to working with other churches to celebrate and deepen the many ways churches around the world are contributing to reaching these important goals. And your family will have a chance to participate and be part of achieving these changes!

All activities this year will be distributed via a box of activities for each child. Inside will contain each day’s crafts, stories and activities. Families are free to do the activities at a time that suits them as they help each other learn the Lord’s Prayer and discover ways they can make our world a little bit better.

So we know how many kits to prepare, we are asking that families register for VBS via the links below

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