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The Church is not closed, it’s deployed

These are certainly different times for the church. Over the last few weeks we have had to completely rethink the ways in which we have come to define “church.” With the mandate to maintain “physical distancing” and our worship being a “full contact” sports at time, we came to the difficult decision to disband worship in the building for a time. But that doesn’t mean the church is canceled or closed. By no means. I put on the church sign this week that the “church is not closed, it’s deployed.” As people sent into the world to be church, we are learning to do that in completely new ways. Over the last few weeks, I have seen you all via facebook and stories tell me of ways that you have been caring for one another, seeking to be in relationship despite the mandate to “physical distance” and if you ask me, I have seen the church come alive despite not holding worship in our building.

No pandemic will ever be able to close or cut off the work of the Holy Spirit to gather, enlighten and deploy us into the world to do God’s work. So right now that work looks like staying at home and checking in while maintaining a safe distance. God’s work looks like loving our neighbors enough to flatten the curve. The church is hard at work serving our neighbors by keeping our churches empty for a time. But that doesn’t stop worship or the church from doing it’s work — we have been gathering these last two weeks in virtual community over Zoom and will continue to do so as long as the mandate to isolate is in place. Like Lazarus coming out of the grave, I am seeing the church (which was once thought dead) shake off it’s grave clothes and come out of the tomb at the sound of Jesus’s name! Beloved we have work to do! 

So I know these last few weeks have been difficult for many of us – I am so thankful for all of you who continue to check in with one another, I can’t possibly get all of the checking in done on my own. In an effort to keep us connected via technology, this email will, for the time being, also serve as your spot for all the links to our Zoom get together. You will see in this email a few new ones for folks to gather and check in with one another. As we learn to navigate these “deployed” times. Ask any military family and they will tell you – the way you get through a deployment is — together. We are here for you and if you have any particular needs, please contact via cell phone or by calling the church office. 

God is with us in this and we will get through this on the other side — Jesus is walking along side us in these days!! 

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