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Star Words

During the season of Epiphany, we will be exploring the spiritual practice of receiving “Star Words.”  Each day pick a new word and consider the following:

  • Look up the definition of your word, even if it is a word you know well. You may even look into the etymology of the word and how its meaning has changed throughout history. If you drew a non-English word, do as much research as you can into the meaning of the word in its original culture.
  • What does this word remind you of? Does it recall any memories or experiences? How might God be speaking to you through this word?
  • See if you can find your word—or a synonym—in the Bible. What scripture passages can you find? How is the word used in these passages? Are there other scripture passages that remind you of your word?
  • Write or speak aloud a prayer using your word. (This is a fun challenge for children using the star words.)

To look up topical passages of scripture for words visit – https://www.openbible.info/topics/

Links to the downloads of words  Link for Simple Words | Link for Artful Words

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