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Special Collection Envelope: Augusta Victoria Hospital

Augusta Victoria Hospital is a program of the Lutheran World Federated Department of World Services in Jerusalem. Started in partnership with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency as a major medical facility in Jerusalem after the 1948 war to care for Palestinian refugees. To this day it is still one of the only Hospital facilities in Israel providing care for Palestinians in the Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza strip.

As part of the hospital they run of the only oncology centers in Israel for Palestinians—and especially pediatric oncology.

When I visited the hospital in 2010 I was impressed by the children in the center, all of whom had LWR quilts on their beds, from the many quilt drives in Lutheran churches in America. It was wonderful to experience their profound care and nurture of these very special items given to them.

It had been my hope that a group from our congregation would be making a trip to the Holy Land as part of the theme of pilgrimage this year, that however didn’t materialize, but there is still hope that in future years we may make it over there!

The work that they do could have been something we could have witnessed first hand as they continue to care for Palestinians – a marginalized minority group in Israel.

It is through our work together as the Lutheran World Federation that we are able to assist those in need around the globe. Augusta Victoria is doing that work on our behalf on the Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem.

To find out more about the hospital and the work of LWR—check them out on the web: https://jerusalem.lutheranworld.org/content/augusta-victoria-hospital-91

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