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Worshiping with us


Worship Service

As a church we gather in worship to praise God and to hear God speak to us through prayer, songs, preaching and each other.

SE1_2910Sunday Morning Worship @ 9:30am: 

Our worship is liturgical in nature – liturgy by definition means “work of the people” so the worship on Sunday mornings is participatory. There are marked responses in the bulletin (usually in bold) for the congregation to say, prayers that we join together in saying, and hymns that we join together in singing. Each Sunday we GATHER together as the people of God, we hear the WORD of God in scripture and preaching, we assemble around the table for the MEAL, and then as fed and forgiven people, are SENT into the world to be God’s presence.

20140821_175436Thursday Evening Service of “Dinner Church” @ 6:00pm:

This is a new service for St. Mark’s and is a largely informal service of Word (or scripture readings) and Communion (the Lord’s Supper). This service is set around a shared meal – both a dinner meal and the meal of Holy Communion that we share in the context of worship. We sit around a table, we sing together, we pray together, we discuss scripture together, and we commune together around the table, just like Jesus did with his disciples.

Open Table Communion:SE1_3093

Here at St. Mark’s we celebrate an open table – meaning that all baptized believers are welcome to the Lord’s Table to receive Communion. We like to say that no matter where you are on your faith journey or what denomination you claim you grew up in; at this table – Jesus Christ is present for you, for healing, for forgiveness, for grace. All are welcome to commune with us.

Parking and Accessibility:

Saint Mark’s does not have a parking lot of its own, when visiting and attending services street parking can be easily found along Fifth Street and Harry Street.  To accommodate our parishioners and visitors during on Sundays during worship, we have an agreement with the business office across the street, so you may park there as well. St. Mark’s can also be reached by SEPTA Bus and Regional Rail via the Spring Mill or Conshohocken Stations.

Children in Worship:

So you have noisy kids? That’s just fine – because we do too!! Children are always welcome in worship, and there are a variety of “helps” that St. Mark’s tries to offer so that families can worship together.

We offer a “Soft Space” in our sanctuary for infants and toddlers. It’s an area with a rug and soft pillows that children and parents can sit together and spread out a little bit more then in the pews.

We offer a Nursery – sitting for an hour long worship service might not be the easiest for our young children, so we offer a Nursery for kids that may need a change of pace for parts of the worship service.

There are little activity bags in the back of the worship space that contain crayons, puzzles, and coloring pages that allow children to keep engaged during the worship service.

SE1_2999We invite children to participate in worship – we offer children their own bulletin with activities and things to work on during worship that match the Sunday lessons, we offer a children’s sermon that takes the readings for Sunday and relate them in age appropriate ways. We offer a variety of ways that kids can participate as worship assistants, from acolytes, to ushers, to even readers when they are able to read.

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