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inbeTWEENERS Bible Study

Meets Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm at the church – check the church calendar for next meeting 

InbeTWEENERS are those who self identify as not quite a young adult, but not quite retired enough to devote to a Tuesday morning group and hence find themselves “in-between” some of our other bible study groups.




Together by Grace: Introducing the Lutherans

Together by Grace: Introducing the Lutherans

Courageous. Trailblazing. Diverse. Action-oriented. When people think of the various Christian churches, those words might not be ones they attach to the Lutherans—but they should be! Yes, they have roots in northern Europe, but the people called Lutherans offer liberating insights into Christian faith, encompass a worldwide reach, and tell a story that goes back 500 years while pointing to the future.


This volume takes us on a journey across this broad landscape of faith and time. Over two dozen gifted writers—scholars, pastors, leaders, activists—paint a colorful map for this journey. Newcomers will find intriguing entry points, and lifelong Lutherans will discover new dimensions. Whether it’s a passion for a grace-filled theology, worship and music that lift spirits, or a deep concern for wholeness and justice, Lutherans are engaged in the world, alongside other Christians and those of various faiths.


God’s passion—to bring all things together by grace, to make us alive together with Christ—makes possible a life of living, daring confidence in God’s grace. Together.


Join us as we prepare for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation by exploring more about our Lutheran heritage.

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