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Help Habitat Build a house in Bridgeport

Help Habitat Build a house in Bridgeport

Over the next year, Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery and Delaware County will be engaging in another Habitat build as they help a new family build and buy their own home.

Habitat for Humanity works with qualified families to purchase affordable housing as they solicit a community wide partnership to help low-income folks become homeowners.

In American, homeownership is a big part of financial stability and building a nest egg. Helping low income families be part of this process is a way that we can look out for our neighbors in need amid the ever rising housing costs in our local community.

During the weeks of Lent and Easter, we have been challenging our kids to help lead the way in raising funds for this most current Habitat Build. The goal is for our kids to lead the way by raising $1,000 towards this project. Ever dollar that we can give towards Habitat’s build in Bridgeport will be matched by Thrivant Financial up to $70,000 which is making this build possible.

Over the next few months we will be finding more ways that we can help partner with Habitat to help welcome this new family into their new home and into our community. So stay tuned for more volunteer opportunities, in the meantime, let’s help our kids follow the example of Jesus the Carpenter and build a house for people in need!


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