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Vicar Lenny Duncan

Vicar Lenny Duncan


Vicar Lenny Duncan is attending the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. He is in the Co-op Mdiv program and a candidate for ordination in the ministry of word and sacrament, in the ELCA.  He is currently serving as the pastoral intern at St. Mark’s.  He has a Bachelors of Arts in Biblical Studies from Lancaster Bible College.  He is also and early adopter and organizer for the #decolonizelutheranism movement, where he serves as national evangelist.  Lenny is formerly homeless, formerly incarcerated, and formerly “unchurched”. He writes on his blog Formerly Unchurched , and was named one of the top national writers on the subjects of racism and #blacklivesmatter by Medium .  He talks  about the complex issues the people of God are facing in the 21st century, while critiquing the mistakes of the past and today.  He is a Philly native and is very open about the brokenness he has experienced in his own life. Having already spent a lifetime on the margins, he brings the unique perspective of the surprising amount of hope and grace one can find when listening to the cries of the oppressed.

email: Vicar@stmarksconshy.org


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