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Junior Worship Assistants

Junior Worship Assistants

Every Sunday in October, right after worship in the sanctuary, we will have Junior Assistant Ministers School an exciting new ministry opportunity for the people of St. Mark’s. Here are the details- each week

Vicar will lead our young members and even a few parents through lessons that will explain and train our young ones to lead worship. We would like 6 th grade or older but if your young one is excited by this idea and is a little younger we can find a way to make it work. Jr Assistant ministers will lead worship with Pastor and Vicar and join the regular schedule of adults who assist. They will lead the prayers of the people, the Kyrie, the offertory prayer and more. We want the liturgy to come alive for the next generation of Christians from a Lutheran faith perspective. It’s also a good opportunity for parents to sit in and maybe brush up on liturgy.

We will explore the question “Why do we do, what we do in worship?” in fun and exciting ways. Here is the learning schedule!

Week One October 1st What the heck are Pastor, Vicar doing up there?

This will be a basic run through of the liturgy to explain in a kid friendly what is the deeper meaning behind each liturgical movement. Save your bulletin and join us!

Week Two October 8thGodly Play in the Worship Space

We will review the homework assigned by Vicar and we will explore the worship space and why we stand in certain places while leading worship and special occasions.

Week Three October 15th I Can Lead Worship!

This will be the second review of homework and each student will do a different part of liturgy as unprompted as possible by Vicar. We will also talk about who is “allowed” to lead worship and who is “called” to be a Pastor.

Week Four October 22nd Grace During Worship Leadership

We will do a third review of the homework, practice leading worship again, and talk about how even if we make mistakes, JESUS STILL SHOWS UP!

Week Five October 29th – Reformation and Graduation!

Final run through of homework and worship. A brief discussion on how great it is we are meeting on reformation Sunday, and graduation and assigned weeks to assist!


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