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Altar Flower Openings

Altar Flower Openings

We have openings for Altar Flowers on October 1st, October 22nd, and October 29th if you are interested in signing up for these dates, please call the office 610.828.0581 or email Vicar Lenny – vicar@stmarksconshy.org. Cost is $40.00 for the week and please indicate if you would like to keep this a yearly memorial, or just a memorial for this year.

ALSO – please note that the Altar Flower list is up on the bulletin board in the hallway for the rest of the fall, if you have given flowers in previous years – please indicate memorial language for this years altar flowers by writing them in the box. If you would like to sign up for Altar Flowers for any of the other openings this fall, please just write your name in the “given by” box.

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